Light Mind Reading

This is what I do when I'm not with you.

Updates fortnightly.

245 816X "Tsuyoku Naritai" means "I want to get strong"; Friend 342's wedding; World Peace; My Concept Club

245 815X "Cordyceps" by Benedict_SC; Lifehack: I am just the messenger; Snakes on a table; Principal-Agent problem

245 814X "Behavior: the control of perception" by William T. Powers; Planet Earth, cooperate; Meaning of Life; Curing Death

245 813X First-borns playing with seconds at school; JOKE; Goodbye, Friend 6538; "Getting Things Done" by David Allen

245 812X Serve Humanity; Trustless Computing Land; Bill of Rights; Imagine you're a burner

245 811X Flowchart of the having-kids debate so far; On the Supernatural; The ideal job interview; Vehicle art

245 810X Things do get better; Always include an abstract! "Anathem" by Neal Stephenson; Sleep-xxxing


9X "The Psychopath Code" by Pieter Hientjens; Almost-Pacifist Land; "The Bullet-Hole Misconception" by Daniel G. Siegel; Blood in the water

8X Faggot Guy; Language Note: Want; Moments in Cinema; Party Animals

7X Evangelion 1.11 Mysteries; Evangelion 2.22 Mysteries; Tsuyoku ni Natta; Why you shouldn't become a Web programmer today

6X My crucial software applications; Money Brainstorming; Breathe; Losing Money

5X MC; Gorilla hands; How to test your backup system; Almost like von Neumann

4X Letter of Commendation; Lizardmen; Heroes; The Fall of Gbekpo

3X Dealism; Four Quartets; Thought Bubbles; We're all Aliens

2X Focus on the Source of the Pain; Blame Powerlessness; F-U?; I'm available for conversations...

1X Codpiece Land; Brogue; Safety Equations; "A Cooperative Species" by Bowles and Gintis

0X Global Sensors; General Conflict-Resolution Protocol; The Right Knee; Soulection #324 ft. Sonder