The Nigerian Keyboard Layout

by Oge Nnadi

This keyboard layout allows you to type characters in Igbo, Hausa, and Yoruba, and the Naira symbol (₦) directly from your keyboard. Note that you must use a unicode font like Arial Unicode MS for some tone marks to show correctly.


Windows Installer (zipped) Source Code

Installation Instructions

  1. Extract the contents of the zipped file and run setup.exe. This will install the keyboard layout named Igbo, Hausa, Yoruba.
  2. Change your input language to Igbo, Hausa, Yoruba; it will appear under the Igbo (Nigeria) section even though it contains characters for Hausa and Yoruba as well. How do I change my input language?
  3. Start typing!
Kelechi Isiodu published a great installation PDF including screenshots.


Character Name Keyboard Combo
Naira sign AltGr+5
E with dot below AltGr+E
I with dot below AltGr+I
O with dot below AltGr+O
U with dot below AltGr+U
N with dot above AltGr+N
S with dot below AltGr+S
Ɓ B with hook AltGr+B
Ɗ D with hook AltGr+D
Ƙ K with hook AltGr+K
e.g. Á Acute accent Any character then AltGr+'
e.g. È Grave accent Any character then AltGr+`
e.g. Î Circumflex accent Any character then AltGr+6

*Computers without the AltGr key sometimes use the right Alt key or the Ctrl+Alt combo instead